Rob Zombie Talks Halloween


You didn't think we were gonna go a day without another update on Rob Zombies Halloween did you? Heh.. MTV just added a new interview and some footage they took while talking to Rob Zombie. An interesting tidbit is of Zombies take on what his film will be as opposed to the classic original film by John Carpenter.

"I want it not to be so coincidental. None of this stuff ever bothered me watching the original "Halloween," of course; I've always loved the movie and I think it's awesome. But when making the movie different, I didn't want [the explanation of the origin of Michael Myers' mask] to be: 'He happened to rob a hardware store and steal that mask.' Well, what if they didn't have that mask? Would he steal a Jimmy Carter mask? Or an Elmo mask, if that was the only one available at the hardware store? And when did he rob the hardware store? In broad daylight? And the alarm is still ringing? Thank God [Dr. Sam Loomis, originally played by Donald Pleasance] stopped to make that phone call, at exactly that phone booth, and found the Rabbit in Red matchbook! That type of thing always bothered me."

As much as I hate to admit it we did give John Carpenter the benefit of the doubt. The more I keep hearing from Rob Zombie the more I keep thinking this is going to be a much more brutal and violent film like The Devils Rejects rather than the over the top Zombie we saw with House of 1000 Corpses. You can check out more of the interview over at MTV news.

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