Day Watch Finally Arrives

After what seems like forever, Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that the sequel to the Russian fantasy-horror film Night Watch is finally coming to US shores in a limited release on June 1.

Day Watch, sequel to Night and part two of the epic fantasy-horror series based off the series of books by Sergei Lukyanenko is finally coming to the US in a limited release. And like the first that probably means only a few hundred or so theaters across the country will be getting it. It took Fox Searchlight about two years to get Night Watch over here and thankfully only a year to get Day Watch over to US shores. Hopefully once part three Dusk Watch is completed, it will come here sooner.

In Day Watch, some time has transpired since the end of the first film and Anton is still battling the Dark forces trying to save his son. But Anton is framed for the murder of vampires on the Darkness side and he soon finds himself the target of the Darkness' answer to the Night Watch, the Day Watch.

Day Watch hits limited theaters on June 1.

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