Hitcher on DVD May 1st


Rumors were flying that The Hitcher remake would be on DVD May 30th, and other sites saying in April. We reported May 1st thanks to a scoop from a reader and today we can confirm that date is correct. The Hitcher DVD includes a truckload of exclusive bonus features that make it a must own title for all horror/action aficionados, including:

Dead End – Wake up with Zach Knighton in his hotel room on the day of his character's big death scene.

Road Kill: The Ultimate Car Crash – Comprehensive footage of the amazing, hard-hitting car stunts featured in the film.

Fuel Your Fear: The Making of The Hitcher – This fascinating featurette goes behind closed doors with the filmmakers to find out how they created the tension and terror of The Hitcher.

Chronicles Of A Killer – Follow the murderous rampage of an evil and cunning serial murderer with mock news stories that follow in John Ryder’s blood-drenched footsteps.

Deleted Scenes


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