Demons 2 - Review

Well if you liked Demons then chances are you will enjoy Demons 2.  It’s not a sequel in the traditional sense, as it has absolutely nothing to do with the 1st movie other than the fact that there are demons.  Again, one of the wonders of Italian cinema…you can slap a ‘2’ on a movie even though it has absolutely no links to the last movie and isn’t a sequel at all.  *sigh*  Anyways, I’ll start as I always do, with a short synopsis of the movie.

Demons 2 takes place in a large up-scale apartment building.  We are given several views of the different residents of the building; a young couple, a teenager having a birthday party with her friends, a family having dinner and a bunch of jocks working out in the gym in the basement.  Everyone is going about their normal lives but there is one thing that a few of the residents are doing, they are watching TV.  And they aren’t just watching TV; they are watching some show about ‘Demons’!  When you listen to the dialogue of the show it really reminds you of the ‘movie’ that was shown in the first Demons (ok, so there is a link to the first movie, but thats about it!). 

Anyways, everything seems to be going ok and the movie moves along (as does the show about Demons).  Soon we are watching this girl who is watching the show intently and there is a picture of a demon on the screen.  She stares at it and it doesn’t seem right at all so she moves closer.  The demon growls and begins to ‘push’ it’s way out of the TV (Got to love Italian movies! heh).  Of course the girl is scared out of her mind and tries to change the channel and such.  No luck, the demon just keeps coming, trying to leap out of the TV.  Eventually she unplugs it and the picture goes away.  Phew.  She turns around and BANG!  There he is in all his bloody, dripping, demon goodness.  Of course from this point on the demon ‘infection’ spreads throughout the building and we are given plenty of shots of brutal violence and demon slashing fun.

This film was pretty good but in my opinion didn’t match the overall fun of the first installment.  It was an interesting idea to hold it in an apartment building.  The same ‘idea’ (I guess you could call it that) of being trapped was brought over from the first film.  When the people try to escape the building all the doors are locked and the glass is all safety glass (meaning they can’t break it).  There is a great scene in the underground garage where they literally try to smash their way out by driving the cars into the garage doors.

The demon makeup was much better in this movie than in Demons.  That is not to say the makeup in Demons was bad or anything, but you could definitely tell they had made some significant improvements since the last movie.  I especially liked the demon child and the FX they used in the scene with him.  They even had a little ‘Gremlins’ type monster that was more funny than scary, but still made for some great scenes.  Overall the makeup and gore FX were done very well.

Now, for my complaints about the movie…it’s your typical Italian film with a lot of inconsistency and no explanation.  For instance how does a demon just come through the screen of a TV?  Who or what is broadcasting this show?  Why do the doors lock in the building?  Why…..oh nevermind.  When it comes to these movies you really have to take them for what they are, a straight out gore fest with flesh-eating demons.  All in all a good flick that I recommend to those who enjoyed Demons and those who are looking for a good gore fest.

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