Jones On The Midnight Meat Train


Vinnie Jones was in attendance at the Wizard World Comic Con in LA and Sci Fi Wire was on hand to ask him about his upcoming film The Midnight Meat Train. His character sounds a bit different then I remembered it in the book. Then again its probably been a couple years. Anyway check out what he had to say:

"This guy—Mahogany, my character's name is—can just blend in with the crowd," he said. "I wear a suit, and he just blends in. There's nothing different about him, really. ... [Cooper] keeps trying to take pictures, but when I go into the crowd, I just become one of the crowd. So what we're saying is this guy is such an enthusiastic killer, and he just blends in with the crowd."

He went on to say that the film will also contain some of the tradmark gore that you can expect from Clive Barker and for that matter the director Ryhuei Kitamura. Joining Vinnie in the cast will be Brooke Shields, Bradley Cooper and Leslie Bibb.

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