Ash vs Darkman Comic


A series of pages from the new Army of Darkness comic, Darkman vs Army of Darkness has gone online and frankly its what you would expect, pure un-adulterated kick ass comic bookness. You can checkout a sample page below, and you can read 5 pages of the comic right here.

Dynamite presents the cross-over no one thought could happen, till Dynamite put it together ('nach) - Ash and Darkman as we present Darkman Vs. the Army of Darkness #4! The AOD/Darkman cross-over concludes here as Ash and Darkman fend off not only Deadite Durant and his Deadite guards, but The Deadqueen as well! Will our heroes be able to turn the undead tide in time to save the city... and the world! The conclusion to this special cross-over event is again brought to you by writers Roger Stern and Kurt Busiek, artist James Fry and cover artists George Perez and Nick Bradshaw!


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