The Living and The Dead Trailer is Here


Today we just got in the trailer to Simon Rumley's twisted and insane tale, The Living and The Dead. Not long ago I was lucky enough to check this movie out and let me say its quite a trip. So be on the lookout for my review which should be up in the next couple days.

You can check out the trailer over at TerrorFeed and read on for the synopsis. Close to bankruptcy Donald is in negotiations to sell the family home when Nancy is taken seriously ill. In order to pay for her operation, Donald has to leave the estate for a few days and so organizes for the family nurse (Nurse Mary) to take control.

James however wants to prove to his father that he is a responsible adult and perfectly capable of looking after his mother. Consequently he locks Nurse Mary out of the house and starts caring for Nancy by himself. It's not long before he starts mixing his and her pills and forgetting to take his medication. As the stress of looking after an ailing patient increases, so James's conditions worsens and his ability to care for his mother diminishes and after a few traumatic days she's close to death. Soon things take a drastic turn for the worse.

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