Englund Talks Nightmare Prequel


Robert Englund has always been the kind of guy who talks and talks to anyone who will listen. He's a pretty funny guy and always has about 20 good ideas for movies running through his head. So when people ask what he would like to do he goes straight to his best stuff, A Nightmare On Elm Street Prequel.

Today he had an interview with MTV where he talked about some of the possibilities of his character Freddy Krueger, "I've heard [the movie studio] is in talks with John Carpenter [director of the original 'Halloween']. So maybe Freddy and Jason are going to meet up with Michael Myers. I also hear they have a really good prequel script to 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' being passed around. And there was talk that John McNaughton, director of 'Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer,' was attached. Which means that maybe they would be making a prequel to the original 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' with me out of the makeup for a while. You get to see Freddy Krueger, the early crimes. Freddy Krueger, the early years."

Now one thing I haven't heard from him is that the studios are talking to John Carpenter. Unfortunately for Englund that doesn't mean much since to get anywhere with Michael Myers you gotta talk to the Akkads. They have the most creative control over the character. You can read more about what Englund has to say about remakes, Hatchet and Behind the Mask right here.

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