Stephen Kings The Mist Clip


We have a brand new clip from Stephen Kings The Mist for your viewing pleasure on I should probably add it was shot on a camera phone or something and I do apologize for the quality.  The script, written by Darabont, is set after a strange storm blows through a Maine town and its citizens are attacked by deadly creatures. A group of townfolks barricade themselves in a supermarket and struggle for survival.

Harden will play Mrs. Carmody, an outspoken and ultimately divisive member of the trapped group; Jones will play Ollie, a mild-mannered supermarket manager who is forced to take heroic measures to save his life and the lives of others. Right now this sounds like a weird combination of Night of the Living Dead and Intruder. Well hopefully we will be getting a teaser of some kind soon. Apparently filming is going to begin sometime this week in Louisiana. Watch The Mist Clip

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