Phantasm 5 In the Works


Phantasm Movie DetailsiF Magazine had a chance to sit down and chat with Phantasm writer and director Don Coscarelli. Some great news surfaced from this interview not only about Phantasm 5 but it has been revealed that all the Phantasm remakes are now dead in the water. Coscarelli said, “There is desire out there to get it done but nothing has felt right so far. It may happen one day but right now it is not in the cards.”

Even better news is that Coscarelli has completed a script for Phantasm 5. He also reveals that all of he actors are ready to come back. Apparently Anchor Bay has also offered finance the movie. Next up for Coscarelli however is the sequel to Bubba Ho-tep, Bubba Nosferatu and The Curse of the She Vampires. So, hopefully we will be getting our hands on some trailers and pics for that soon.

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