Dr. West Going to Masters of Horror?


Last weekend Dread Central was in attendance at the Texas Fear Fest and caught a very interesting scoop. The lovely Barabara Crampton (Re-Animator) was in attendance and revealed some tidbits on what we may see next season on Masters of Horror.

Since Stuart Gordon is having so much trouble getting House of Re-Animator funding due to its graphic nature and of course the controversial Bushisms he is considering using the story for next seasons Masters of Horror. Now don't get to excited however because Showtime has yet to give the series a greenlight and of course even if it does theres no telling whether or not he will do this particular tale.

I have to say that this is a fantastic idea. Granted its only an hour long and will have a limited budget it will be Re-Animator with some great KNB effects. This sounds like a great idea and hopefully it will surface or we at least get the full length feature. We'll keep you poster on whether this project goes anywhere or not.

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