Shaun of the Dead Playing during AvP

It is Shaun of the Dead Movie News week as everyone gets all hyped up. This morning the following was in my inbox.

You put up on your site that Shaun of the Dead Trailers are showing before the movie The Village....well just thought you might wanna know..

I went and saw AVP today (aliens vs predator "I know you probably know" :) ) ..and before the movie they showed a Shaun of the Dead Trailer. :) looked sweet too.

This is indeed some cool news. Shaun of the Dead dropped down to position 3 in our zombie movies top 10 but it did hold #1 since the first day we put it up. Be sure to pop into the Zombie Section to have your vote, and check out other zombie flicks. Thanks Vellic for the heads up.

Source: Vellicc Amaranth , Email

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