Eli Roth Talks Cell


Eli Roth has quickly become a very busy man. He's been out promoting Hostel Part II and adding final touches to the movie. Now he is out promoting Grindhouse in which he has a small role and his faux trailer of course appears as well. We asked the man about his upcoming work on Cell.

"I love the opening [scene]," Roth said. "But I also want to keep, ... not necessarily that same chaotic tone, but I want to keep the tension of the opening 40 pages of the book going throughout the whole film and introduce other elements. Because I think the book, for me, where it loses tension is where suddenly you don't feel like the phone crazies are trying to kill them. ... I find that it's finding other ways to make it so you still feel the tension that any second you could get killed [and] carrying that throughout the whole film."

Having read the book I know exactly what he is talking about. Roth (Hostel) and writers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski are now working on the script. Before he did so though he went directly to Stephen King who OK'd his version because Roth didn't want to rub King the wrong way. Roth also mentioned that he wants Stephen King to do a cameo like he has done with several of his movies. "Because it's like crazy people running around trying to [kill you] It's like everybody gets a cameo." Does that mean we will see many more cameos? Only time will tell.

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