100 Tears Trailer is Here


Marcus Koch is about to unleash one gore filled flick for all of us to enjoy. After taunting us with all kinds of blood soaked images they have finally produced a trailer for us to salivate over until the feature is released soon. Right now they are working on post production so hopefully we will here their plans for the film soon. You can check out the trailer right over on our very own TerrorFeed and while you are at it stop by the 100 Tears Myspace.

Mark and Jennifer are two daring tabloid reporters, seeking out a bigger better story, which leads them into the bizzare world of a serial murderer known only as "The Teardrop Killer". Hot on his bloody trail, they begin to piece together the things that make him tick, eventually finding themselves fighting for their very lives, deep within his cavernous house of horrors.

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