Three More Films for Raw Feed


The Raw Feed label has been thriving believe it or not on Rest Stop and Sublime. While most fans agree Rest Stop was not a great movie it is still according to Warner Bros. video its biggest selling homevid original. I have yet to see Sublime but I have to doubt that it could be any worse than Rest Stop. They also have Believers which is yet to be released but will be on its way in a couple of months.

Today Variety announced that Tony Krantz, John Shiban and Dan Myrick are going to supervise and produce three more movies for Raw Feed. All three movies will combine elements of sci-fi, horror and thriller genres, "Alice's Apartment" is described as more of a thriller, "Supermarket" leans toward sci-fi and "Otis" has strong horror elements.

Right now there are no directors attached but some are speculating that John Shiban may direct one of them. No release dates were announced either. At the end of the article they do mention that Rest Stop 2 is underway and that it MAY get a theatrical run.

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