Dead Air, Not a Traditional Zombie Movie


Dead Air starring Bill Moseley is coming and according to Ken Yakkel its not your typical zombie movie.

Also, to clarify this as a traditional flesh eating zombie movie may be a bit misleading.  The story actually revolves around a poisonous toxin released by terrorists at a sporting event that turns those exposed into, what is best described as, a legion of rioters acting as if PCP were baby aspirin.  It's a politically and socially charged story that guarantees a bloody body count with a thought prevoking message.

In a nut shell it sounds like its a Romero'esque film since George Romero was the one who defined horror with a higher message. Joining Bill Moseley and Pat Tallman in the upcoming horror/thriller "Dead Air" is David Moscow best remembered for his performance as young Tom Hanks in the 1988 hit comedy "Big" and more recently seen in the Jessica Alba dance drama "Honey".

Also on board, playing the heavy for the film is veteran actor Navid Negahban who will soon be seen in the upcoming Mike Nichols film "Charlie Wilson's War" which stars Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

And most recently attached to the film that starts shooting this Saturday is Anthony Ray Parker best known for his roll as the extremely large character, Dozer, in the Wachowski brother's film "The Matrix".


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