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In light of the horrible AvP movie coming to theatres, i've decide to review the first two alien movies written by dan o'bannon and ronald shusett and directed by ridley scott. i will be going off of the director's cut, with deleted scenes included (which is as the film was intended to be viewed in the first place). herein lies part one of the review

the first in the ridley scott collection, aliens takes place deep in space, abord the nostromo cargo ship while returning to earth with a payload of ore. the crew (which include the now famous sigourney weaver) are awakened from their sleeping chambers a while before they are scheduled to dock on earth. they find that they are not in their own system and the ship 'mother' has woken them because they have intercepted a transmission of unknown origin. they are bound in contract, under complete forfiture of shares of the profits, to investigate the becon sending the distress signals.

after locating the becon, they touch down and a small party is sent out to investigate where the becon has come from. much to their surprise they find an alien craft (created and designed by giger) that seems to have crashed into the planet. upon further exploration they discover some sort of alien creature who seems to be manning a gun. the creature is dead but nothing like anything they have ever encountered before. it seems to be a part of the ship. the trudge deeper into the 'ship' and find some sort of egg chamber with a blue, reactive mist covering the 'eggs.' crewmate kane takes a bit of a dive off an edge and comes in close contact with one of the eggs after a rather nasty fall. during examination he notices movement and the egg proceeds to 'hatch.' as he gets closer to the opening we get our first glimpse of the alien facehugger as it latches onto his helmet and the screen goes black.

kane is brought back to the ship and, after a breif stint with ripley about quartine procedures, ends up in the medical lab under the observation of the dcotor of the crew. everyone is baffled at this creatre that has burned its way through kane's helmet and attached itself to his face. it is forceable unremoveable, has blood like acid (which almost burns through the hull of the ship when one of its 'legs' are punctured) but seems to be keeping kane alive by feading him oxygen. with the crew baffled, they contiue their decent home.

a bit later the crew is called to med lab to find that the creatre has detached itself from kane and crawled up above the lighting for the table and died. later kane awakens to seem like nothing has happened. everyone is happy for the moment as they share one last meal before the hypersleep home. during the meal, kane begins to cough and spasm violently and then falls upon the table in immense pain. blood is seen erupting from his chest and then something seems to expand outwards. several seconds later a small, vicious, worm-like creature bursts fourth and scurries off into the depths of the ship leaving the crew rather stunned and confused.

this is where the movie beings to become a game of cat and mouse. the crew being looking for the creature only to find that i has grown incredibly fast to the alien we know today. one by one the crew is picked off as they attempt to seal it in the air ducts of the ship and blow it out the airlock into space. not to add to the frustration, but the crew learn that the doctor is actually an android who's primary goal is to bring this creature back to earth for weapons study, crew expendable.

a breif brawl with him after he 'malfunctions' and attempts to kill ripley leaves them in a bit more of a pickle then before. soo ripley is the only one left and decides to hell with the ship. she makes for the escape pod in hopes of leaving and detonating the main ship with the self-destruct, killing the alien in the process.

everything seems fine for the moment as ripley derobes (*waits for comments*) and prepares for hypersleep. as she is finishing up checking everything a hand shoots out of the wall and, much to her terrified surprise, she finds that the alien has stowed itself abord the shit. gripped with fear she backs in the wall and slowly steps into a space suit as the creatures awakens. strapping herself into the chair, she prepares to blow the creature out the airlock one last time.

this being the first movie in a series of four (at the moment but who knows how many more they are going to milk it for) does get a bit of bias treatment from me. usually originals are the best and this proves to be no exception. the claustrophobic enviroments that you are thrown into while the crew tries to evade and survive this monster adds to the atmosphere. the unkown is scary, and back in 1979 no one had ever seen anything like this before. ridley scott brought true horror to the screen for millions of people to behold.

i do have a gripe with some of the acting, but its only a small gripe a won't detract from my feelings. i more like the fact that there is only one alien as opposed to the several in the second movie...but they were going for a different feel in that one anways. overall i would have to give this movie my definate approval. for its time it was an utter masterpiece and it has held up quite well to the 25+ year test of time. it has become one of the classics in science fiction and my hat is off to you ridley scott: good job.

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