The Cottage Fills Up


Today it was announced that Andy Serkis, whose claim to fame is being Golum and King Kong which was all done on green screen, will be starring in The Cottage. But of course he is not the one who caught MY eye. The rest of the cast includes the incredibily hot Jennifer Ellison(pictured), Reece Shearsmith and Steve O'Donnell.

Paul Andrew Williams will be directing/scripting his sophmore picture which is being called a black comedy horror. The Cottage is set in the remote countryside, about two brothers who bungle the kidnapping of the daughter of a crime boss and then stumble across a dark rural secret.

The odd thing about the article in Variety is that it states that it started shooting on March 26th but goes on to say it will begin shooting in April. Well whatever the case it should be done in about a month or so and then post production will kick into high gear. No release date has been set so keep it here and we will let you know when we hear more.

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