Thanksgiving Faux Trailer Online *WARNING: MATURE*

Thats right everyone. Eli Roth's faux trailer for Grindhouse, Thanksgiving has hit the internet. The gaming nerds at IGN have snagged the thing. WARNING: THE TRAILER IS AGE RESTRICTED AND SHOULD ONLY BE VIEWED BY MATURE AUDIENCES.

All I can say awesome, and with three more trailers and the two films...gonna be a sweet time on April 6. But I wish more the trailer was Werewolf Women of the SS.

But, as to comment more about Thanksgiving, the trailer has the old 1970s feel of having the title repeat several times throughout the trailer while showing basically every kill there is. I won't say much so not to spoil...but Eli Roth has a cameo.

For Grindhouse, four faux trailers will be presented:

Machete: Robert Rodriquez, basically an ode to old over the top action films with Danny Trejo. Apparently this will be made feature length into a direct to dvd film.

Thanksgiving: Eli Roth, an ode to old holiday slashers with the one holiday never exploited.

Don't: Edgar Wright, an ode to the old Hammer films.

Werewolf Women of the SS: Rob Zombie, apparently a sorta Jess Franco-esqe film about the Nazis trying to make werewolves. This is the one outta the bunch I would love to see made into a feature film.

Okay everyone, enjoy the trailer and chat up on the boards what you thought. Remember, get out there on the weekend of the sixth when Grindhouse hits so it'll be #1!
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