Tarantino Plans for Grindhouse 2


As we all know the one thing that got Grindhouse its release is the fact that Rodriguez and Tarantino are attached. If anyone else would have went to the Weinsteins and asked for the same thing you can bet they would have called them crazy. But both Tarantino and Rodriguez have a special relationship with the Co. so we are lucky that they are being released as one.

That said Tarantino has come forward with an idea for part two already. "Rodriguez and Tarantino want to keep the "Grindhouse" series going. For his part, Tarantino wants to shoot an old-school Kung Fu movie in Mandarin with subtitles in some countries, and release a shorter, dubbed cut in others."

This news is actually not new. Right after Tarantino finished working in China after Kill Bill he wanted to return to film a Mandarin Kung Fu flick. So maybe Grindhouse will be the perfect venue for him to realize this idea.

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