Zombies Invade CBS


Did you ever wish that you could just turn on your TV and right away see a bunch of zombies? Well according to Icons of Fright, that day may come sooner than you think with the new television series Babylon Fields. Currently the project is filming its pilot episode with director Michael Cuesta (Dexter) and stars Amber Tabyln and Ray Stevenson.

One of the folks over at IOF was lucky enough to be living the in the area where filming was taking place in Uniondale, NY. He went up to the P.A. and discovered that the show will be very tongue in cheek which if anyone who has seen Dexter will tell you does it very well. What is said about the project is that "The dead return to earth in an attempt to restore old wounds."

Today we had a Forum Member Dark_Spider post a pic of herself from the set and provided us with some more info on the project. The show will be an hourlong zombie-themed hour described by CBS as a "sardonic, apocalyptic American comedy-drama where the dead are rising and as a result, lives are regained, families restored and old wounds reopened." The zombies look like a throw back to Romero's Night of the Living Dead. Below is the image of Dark_Spider in full zombie gear and you can check out some more photos from the set over at Icons of Fright.

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