The Psycho Legacy Doc In The Works


Everyone knows almost every single story told about Hitchcocks Psycho. So where's the love for the sequels? I always felt that while they were inferior to the original, how many films can really stack up against Psycho anyway! Robert Galluzzo will be the man conducting the interviews and heading up the documentary and he seems to agree.

"I was inspired to start this documentary for a number of reasons. The main one being a lack of one. For me, and I'm sure plenty of other genre fans out there around my age, I grew up watching repeat screenings of Psycho II, III and IV on cable and those movies always had such an impact on me. I will cover the original movie, but there's already so much material out there about Hitchcock's PSYCHO. I'm really interested in answering all the burning questions fans have had through out the years about the sequels. And I can safely say that I have already uncovered stories from the filmmakers that no one has ever heard."

Several interviews that have already been conducted include Tom Holland, Mick Garris, Katt Shea, Adam Green and Harold Schechter. Some upcoming interviews that are still tentative feature Greg Nicotero, Tony Timpone, David Schow and Tim Sullivan. Looks like something ANY Psycho Fan can look forward to!

Even better is they are looking for dedicated fans to send in photos or stories about Psycho so that they can include them into the documentary. You can check out a lot more info about the flick at its Official MySpace page or the launch of the Official Psycho Website.

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