Dark Ride Sequel/Prequel on the Way


Of all of the After Dark Films that have come out Dark Ride just so happens to be one that I have not seen yet. Mainly due to all the bad reviews I have seen on it but I can never resist a movie set during a carnival. It always makes for a great movie.

HorrorBoards recently sat down with director Craig Singer and discussed some projects that could possibly be coming up. "We are playing with some ideas, of kind of doing a prequel, and sequel type story. Maybe giving the back story to Jonah, and concurrently flashing to story that is going on in the present. But it is still early in the creative process, so who knows."

He later went on to say that he has at least two more projects in him. So are we looking at a possible triology for Dark Ride? Later during the same interview he also mentioned that he is working on another project called Screamwriters with Lionsgate and After Dark Films. If you want to read the entire interview you can check out HorrorBoards for more.

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