The Hills Have Eyes Beginnings Comic Art


First I aplogize for the poor quality of the cover art, but I think its still cool enough to share it with you all. This is your first look at the cover art for the prequel Hills Have Eyes comic.

A brand new horror comic is coming from Fox Atomic, this one is called Hills Have Eyes Beginnings. An adults only graphic novel horror story from Fox Atomic, prequel to the hit Wes Craven movies.Inspired by Wes Craven's classic horror film THE HILLS HAVE EYES and its upcoming sequel THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2, this graphic novel serves as a prequel exploring the story of the original families who refused to leave their small New Mexico town once the US government began above-ground atomic testing. Spanning multiple generations, this dark tale reveals how these once good people slowly devolved into murderous mutants.

Award-winning comic book talent Jimmy Palmiotti has created and co-created numerous series and characters including: The New West, Beautiful Killer, Ash, and Painkiller Jane, which was turned into a Sci–Fi channel original movie. Currently he is co-writing with Justin Gray the D.C. comic book series Jonah Hex. He lives in New York.

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