Deimos Welcomes the Grindhouse!


After the resurgence in grindhouse popularity due to Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino bringing it to the forefront, BCI's horror label Deimos will be releasing some kick ass double feature DVD's. Actually they will be starting a whole line called "Welcome to the Grindhouse".

These double feature DVDs will include two full-length theatrical films, complete with trailers and theater ads. Each will have two themed films that represent the grindhouse staples – Martial Arts, Horror, Sexploitation and Action -- with some of the titles coming from the Crown International Pictures library. Right now they are looking at launching the DVD's on July 3rd for a measley $12.98. Here are the box art and the titles being released:

Welcome to the Grindhouse: Pick-up and The Teacher


Crown International Pictures, 1975. An off-beat story about two young women whose lives are forever changed when they hitch-hike a ride in a mobile home. Starring Jill Senter and Alan Long. Rated R – 80 minutes.

The Teacher

Crown International Pictures, 1974. An explosive story about a beautiful, provocative 28-year-old high school teacher whose seduction of a student proves fatal. Starring Angel Tompkins and Jay North (TV’s Dennis the Menace). Rated R – 98 minutes.


Welcome to the Grindhouse: Evil Eye and Black Candles

Evil Eye

1974. Peter Crane is having nightmares about murdering someone. His psychiatrist Dr. Stone has him hospitalized for being unable to differentiate between dreams and reality. Soon, people start turning up dead at the hospital. Is Peter really a killer or is there something more sinister afoot? Starring Richard Conte (The Godfather), Anthony Steffen (The Night Evelyn Came Out of The Grave) and Pilar Velasquez. Not Rated – 84 minutes.

Black Candles

1983. Carol and her boyfriend Paul travel to England after the unexpected death of her brother. Once there, she discovers her sister-in-law is involved in satanic rituals -- and Paul is slowly being drawn into the cult. Starring Helga Line (The Lorelei’s Grasp) and Vanessa Hidalgo. Directed by international cult filmmaker Jose Ramon Larraz (Vampyres: Daughters of Dracula). Not Rated – 85 minutes.

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