100 Tears Shows Us the Gore!


We have been following 100 Tears for quite some time and has some of the talent that was behind Barricade. So if you have seen Barricade I'm sure you will see some of the similarites between the two films. The gore quotient is definetly similar but if you can believe it 100 Tears almost looks more bloody then Barricade.

The actual film deals with a demented clown that goes on a killing spree in Florida. There is something about psychopathic clowns that gets to everybody so I'm sure films like IT have had a little inspiration on this flick.

Today on Dread Central they were lucky enough to get there hands on a gore reel that director Markus Kosch supplied them with. I have to tell you that this reel is about four minutes long with nothing but extreme gore. So go check it out and then head over to there Myspace page and drop them a line.

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