Bowling Lane Horror From Ryan Nicholson


Not long ago I rented Ryan Nicholson's Live Feed and it was a pretty interesting flick to say the least. So for those of you who had the chance to check that one out Nicholson will be back as writer/director of Gutterballs. What I have seen from this film looks hillarious and I am actually looking forward to checking this little flick out.

Gutterballs takes place in a bowling alley late at night when two teams are playing in a league game. Soon a psycho gloved killer begins to pick off people in the Alley one by one. Having seen Live Feed, one thing I think you can look forward to is lots of blood and gore.

Right now Gutterballs is in pre-production and is scheduled for release sometime next year. The poster art below is actually what caught my interest right away. Its just too funny to pass up. Check it out below and also hit up the Gutterballs Myspace page and show your support.

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