Bruce Campbell Headed for Vacation


Bruce Campbell has been roaming the countryside doing special screenings of his new film My Name is Bruce. So far the reviews coming out are pretty good but with those reviews there is also word that Richard Stanley (Dust Devil) is keen on getting Campbell into his next film, Vacation.

In the film an apocalyptic event the west is torn apart. So everyone who is left have to head to the middle east whether the middle east likes it or not. According to film ick Bruce Campbell will play the role of a US businessman with a stripper girlfriend. Of course being a buisnessman he attempts to climb the power structure in the new order.

Sounds like an interesting idea and with Richard Stanley directing I'm sure the movie will be a trip. If you are curious of Stanley's work the best thing to do is to pick up the new Dust Devil DVD that was just released. Its a great little flick that should give you a good idea of where this film will probably go. Keep it here for more as we hear it.

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