Check Out A Little Cyn


Awhile back a little known director Alex Ferrari made his name known with his short feature Broken. Truly a film that must be seen that was made for nearly nothing and looks like Robert Rodriguez in his prime. Ferrari is definetly a trail blazer and it looks like he is developing a short indie film that the horror genre can enjoy.

Cyn is a twisted tale by writer/director Alex Ferrari about Cynthia, a young woman who is taken by two psychopaths (Mr. Sugar and Otto) in the middle of the night to an old abandon kindergarden. Cyn quickly turns the tables on them soon the night becomes a cat and mouse mind game. While this drama is unfolding a lone figure watches from a close circuit monitor.  Who is Cynthia and what the hell is going on in this twisted tale?

Yea this sounds like one bad ass little movie and we have the trailer for you! Yup an exclusive look at the teaser trailer and I will tell you that you won't be disappointed with this one. So check it out over at TerrorFeed and then head over to the Official website for more.

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