Deadlands Gets a Theatrical Run!


Today I was just sent notice that after the huge success for the screening of Deadlands: The Rising that they will now be getting a two week run. That is some great news for everyone in the Hagerstown, Maryland area. Why you may ask? Because the audience had such a good time and not to mention the showing broke some records for the theater!

So if you got a hankerin' to check out Deadlands: The Rising soon, it will be showing from April 20th - May 3rd once every night at 9:30pm. As an added bonus the director Gary Ugarek will be on hand to intro the film on April 20th and 21st. It doesn't get much better than that folks.

For more information you can give the theater a call at 301-797-7270 or you can check out their official website. Below is a picture of Director/actor Gary Ugarek and Producer/"Jack of all Trades" Brian Wright at the premiere that took place on the 14th.

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