Prom Night Shooting for PG-13


Today the producer of Prom Night J.S. Cardone has confirmed some of our nightmares have come true and not in a good way. The studio is going to be shooting the film with a PG-13 rating in mind. But while listening to the interview on Your Video Store Shelf he made quite a few comments that just make you double take.

When talking about watching the original Prom Night he stated "It really needed to be updated.". He also said that by making an original film "You may offend the audience". Now that comment was the kicker. This is the horror genre correct? If you don't offend someone in a horror movie your not doing your job.

Well if your still interested in seeing Prom Night it is being directed by Nelson McCormick and is going to be a "re-imagining". Its currently been in production for two weeks. Cardone may not be the one to attack in this whole situation but he certainly is playing ball with Screen Gems.

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