The Grindhouse Split Unlikely


As we all know the probably the best film this year Grindhouse has recieved little or no attention by audiences for one reason or another. The Weinsteins recently aloud discussed the possibility of splitting up the flims. Well apparently at a couple of theaters across the states they did just that.

Some theaters were showing the movies split up or without the faux trailers and instead having an intermission. Why? Because its the Weinsteins and for the most part they don't really know what they are doing. I guess to be fair the Weinsteins are in the buisness of making money and not making good movies or good experiences.

Today Joblo is reporting that after those test screenings someone from the Weinstein camp said "the plan to split GRINDHOUSE in two and re-release was very likely kiboshed." Get ready for a couple DVD releases folks cuz they are going to milk this one for all its worth.

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