Robert Englund in Zombie Strippers!


I have been watching this film Zombie Strippers for awhile now and have been monitoring its progress. I mean with a title like that it has to go somewhere right? Plus it features one of our own Fresh Meat Vixens Jessica Custodio. Today she blogged alittle bit about the film.

"I play Kwan, and she is the head of the communications station for the Z-Squad, which is a group of 7 highly trained military types that are the best of the best when it comes to defense. Today was such a fun day on location for Zombie Strippers!!  We didn't actually shoot [film] today, but we rehearsed some of the Z-Squad scenes with the stunt coordinators, who were just great and full of so much amazing and technical information about serious defense.  Today, we learned how to properly handle our weapons, march as a team, follow military commands, and more."

Then at the bottom of her blog she mentioned that Robert Englund has hopped on board to play the lead character, Ian Essko! Also starring in the film is Jenna Jameson and oddly enough MMA veteran Tito Ortiz. Word is that Zombie Strippers is going to get big distribution by Sony as well. Now this one is definetly getting interesting. We'll keep you posted as we hear more until then you can check out the Official Myspace page.

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