Schulman Talks The Birds


When this project was first brought up I think Scarlett Johansson's hotness saved us from having to see this for awhile. As you may remember when Michael Bay was pushing The Island with Johansson he was asked some questions about the project. Johansson who obviously is the same boat as all of us said that they can't remake a classic.

Well I think by now we have seen so many movies remade that everyone has pretty much just given up hope that the studios will ever listen to the fans. Today Cathy Schulman who serves as the President of Mandalay Pictures described there take on the material to Variety.

We think we have a very contemporary take. In the original, the birds just showed up, and it was kind of like, why are the birds here? This time, there’s a reason why they’re here and (people) have had something to do with it. There’s an environmental slant to what could create nature fighting back.”

I don't think anyone who watches a Hitchcock classic can honestly pick apart his work. It seems that knowadays when people want to remake a story they feel like they have to explain everything to the audience. I think leaving it in the air for everyone to imagine was always a scarier premise. The idea they have brewing sounds very similar to say The Birds meets Long Weekend.

Production on The Birds remake is slated to begin by Fall. Right now the only casting rumors that have been circulated is that the Producers are eyeing Naomi Watts for the lead. Keep it here for more. 

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