Darabont Talks Upcoming Projects


Frank Darabont has been pretty hard at work with The Mist and after he finally wrapped he sat down with MTV News to talk about the film and what he has next. Apparently he has picked up a couple more rights to Stephen Kings stories. Of which he has already done The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption.

"I have the rights to two of his stories. One is "The Long Walk," which is a tremendously bizarre and powerful little piece. The other is "The Monkey," a very old-school chiller. They're both very human character pieces. I suspect I'll make them on even lower budgets than "The Mist." Hopefully I'll be able to get to one or both this year."

That will be one amazing feat if he can get them both done this year. If you are looking into picking up either of the books The Long Walk is an older Bachman book and The Monkey is part of The Skeleton Crew collection. Out of the two stories that Darabont has optioned I can tell you that The Long Walk sounds the most fascinating.

The book follows a young boy named Ray Garraty as he must survive one of the most horrific trials in his life, The Long Walk. The walk is an annual event that brings together 100 boys who must go on a walk without going under four miles per hour. If they do they get a warning. After three warnings they are shot dead by gunners on either side of the trail. Now that is intense!

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