Video Interviews From Vacancy


Tomorrow Vacancy will be hitting theaters nationwide and to get you amped we have two video interviews. One with the director Nimrod Antal. I can't get over that name, can you imagine going through school with the name Nimrod? Man he must have had a tough childhood. The other interview is with the lovely Kate Beckinsale. Man, what I would do to get a room in motel with her.. Anyway enjoy the videos at TerrorFeed.

After the accidental death of their young son, Amy (Kate Beckinsale) and David's (Luke Wilson) marriage is in tatters. Returning from their last trip together before finalizing their divorce, David decides to take an unfamiliar short cut down a desolate back road. When their car breaks down they find they have no choice but to stay at a nearby motel where the distracted night manager, Mason (Frank Whaley), seems more interested in watching lurid horror films than helping them with their engine troubles. Soon they discover where those horror films are made..

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