GrindHouse NOT Split in the UK?


Oh the pains. So earlier in the week Goon reported that Grindhouse would not be split up in the uk, and then today I reported it was well now my buddy at Filmick has emailed to let me know that yeah Goon was right in the first place.

Your Source for Grindhouse being split in the UK is based on NOTHING.  He's quoting the Teletext service - dodgy at the best of times.  The Teletext quote the New Zealand distributors, not the UK ones.  It's all nonsense.

The plan in the UK is still, today at least, to release a double bill.  Waiting for an official statement from Momentum, the film's distributor in the UK, but somebody I spoke to there did tell me there was no split planned.

Thanks to Brendon for the tidbits.

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