Sam Raimi on Evil Dead & Drag Me to Hell


Because we are such studs we hobnob with the rich the famous and the truly good looking and as part of that we got to ask Raimi a couple short but sweet questions in relation to Evil Dead and where Ghost House Pictures is at and what they are working on. The rumors of Evil Dead remakes / new films is just that. A rumor but Sam is definitely keen to do one. Oh and yeah we are just film losers, only reason they let us near Sam Raimi is cause we begged :) Anyrate when asked about Evil Dead he couldnt confirm anything but did say he would love to do it.

I would definitely like to make another evil dude with Bruce Campbell. I love working with him.

 As for Ghost House Pictures he could confirm that 30 days of Night is in post production and provide some insights on their new film Drag Me to Hell.

Ghost House Pictures is a company with my partner Rob Tappert and Mandate Pictures. We make supernatural, spooky horror fare. Right now we are finishing post production on 30 days of Night based on the graphic novel by Steve Niles and Jeff Lynch, who worked on Spidey 3 with us, is directing a film called Drag Me to Hell, a nonstop low budget, horror picture. That is in pre-production now.

Stay Tuned kids, as always we will bring you more horror news then you can beat a zombie with.

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