Synapse Films Have Their Hands Full


Synapse Films have been putting out quality DVDs for quite some time and Don May Jr. has been right there all along. Today he spoke with Fangoria about some of the upcoming releases they have up there sleeves.

First he mentioned a new special edition of Basket Case 2. A great little flick by Frank Henenlotter one of my favorite directors. In place of a commentary however they will instead replace it with a making-of documentary by Special FX guy Gabe Bartalos. Apparently Henenlotter doesn't like to do commentary tracks and he is probably a little to busy working on Bad Biology.

Next up they mentioned a follow up to John Fasano’s Rock N' Roll Nightmare, Black Roses. Another flick by Fasano that features a horde of demons who disguise themselves as a rock n roll band that hypnotize people with their music. Yea its VERY 80s. Don May Jr. says that the remastered picture from the negative is "insane".

They also mentioned the long awaited Adam Wingard’s Home Sick. I have been waiting for ever to see this movie that stars Bill Moseley. It went through some re-edits and has just been sent off to the Fantasia Film Festival. Hopefully they will get programmed there and then get a release sometime in October.

Lastly and probably the most exciting news to come out of this huge update is word that Synapse is working with Sam Raimi, Josh Becker and Bruce Campbell to bring out Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except and Running Time. So currently they are working with all those guys to get special features up and going. They will also be including several short films from Becker and Raimi on the discs including Strykers War. So everything is looking really bad ass so far for Synapse Films. We will keep you informed on these titles as more info is released.

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