Carmody Talks Clock Tower and More


Don Carmody is probably one of the most prolific men in horror that no one knows. He has been behind some great genre classics including Shivers, Rabid and even Terror Train. He is also well known for Producing other films out side the genre such as Porky in which he developed a great relationship with Bob Clark.

Today Shock Til You Drop had the chance to sit down and talk with him about some of his upcoming work. Clock Tower is one of those projects that was being set up with Jorge Olquin at the helm. Apparently they are having problems get the film ironed out and a script hasn't been accepted yet to push the project along. Another video game project that he mentions is Silent Hill. He confirms that they are slowly moving ahead with a sequel but doesn't think that Christophe Gans will be back due to other commitments.

I'm sure most of you remember Bob Clark was aiming to direct a remake of his own film Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things. Before he and his son was killed by a drunk driver he spoke with Don. Don says "He told me he was disappointed in [Dimension Films'] 'Black Christmas.' He said, 'If they're going to remake my movies, I want to remake them.' That's why he wanted to do 'Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things.' Victor Solnicki was his partner on 'Children' and he was involved with 'Black Christmas,' so maybe they'll proceed with a different director, but 'Children' didn't have the same cache as Black Christmas, so who knows?"

Don also mentioned that he has been confronted by many studios to remake several of his older films. Some of these titles are real classics and hopefully Carmody will not let them near them. The list includes Shivers, Rabid and Death Weekend. I don't think any of those films could be remade and still deliver the same punch.

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