Jeff Buhler Visits the Insanitarium


Word has gotten out that Jeff Buhler is working on his director debut for Sony Screen Gems. B-D was on the set of Midnight Meat Train when they spoke with the writer. He says, "It’s a small, very contained, very bloody, very graphic horror film. Essentially it’s about a guy that commits himself to an insane asylum to save his sister, and realizes that the doctor is giving people this new drug… that turns them into cannibalistic psychotic freaks."

Now that sounds like a lot of fun. Buhler is hoping that he will be able to begin filming this summer. It has been quite some time since someone that isn't a big name has come out and said they were going to do something very graphic for the crowd on a large scale without it being a remake or a sequel. Hopefully this little flick will fill that gap. 

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