Crispin Glover Joins I Scream Man


Land of the DeadCrispin Glover will star in the upcoming I Scream Man. George Romero will be making a appearance in the film. Now it sounds like it would just be a cameo but according to the producer Nicholas Terry, “Romero will be playing Earl, a bartender at Carpenter’s Tavern,” Terry continues. “He’ll be working for a few days up in Eugene, Oregon with Haylie Duff and Tom Sizemore.”

George Romero read the script and upon giving it a once over he gave a call to his manager and said he wanted to do it. I guess that is a good sign for the flick and it looks like they are at least on the right track. I really wondered how they were going to expand on the entire crazy Ice Cream Man idea but apparently they did a pretty good job.

They also revealed that Fred Ward(Tremors) has just jumped on board to play Vernon who is the father of Duff's character. The full story is of a vengeful ice cream vendor ( played by Glover) , driven by brutal memories from his twisted past, that wreaks bloody havoc on the small, seemingly innocent town of Hooper, California.

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