Choose Your Own Horror DVD


Last year when Final Destination 3 hit DVD they had a neat little feature where you could change the fate of each character. Well today something similar has been announced for the sequel to House on Haunted Hill. Joel Silver told The Wall Street Journal that the Return to House On Haunted Hill, "will give viewers the option to pick different story lines and four alternative endings."

So it will be like those Choose Your Own Adventure books you use to read when you were a kid and held the page if something bad happened. Silver has also inked a deal with Warners to release 10 direct to DVD movies over the next three years. Hopefully that doesn't mean we will be bombarded with sequels to Gothika, Thirteen Ghosts or House of Wax.

I love the idea and hope that they continue what they are doing with some of the future releases he is putting out. I'm not sure how well the first one will turn out but like anything with more practice they are bound to get better. As soon as we find out what titles he will be releasing we will let you know.

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