Masters of Horror DVD Release News

Great big news from the folks at Anchor Bay. We just recieved a huge Masters DVD release and specs update. Sadly for me all of them I have seen. With my luck the two I haven't seen (Ernest Dickerson's The V Word and Tobe Hooper's The Damned Thing) will be the last two to be released. I bet Anchor Bay reads the site and is doing this to spite me....

But enough of my paranoid delusions, heres the list of the movies coming out:

July 17: The Black Cat by Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator) The film tells the story of how American writer Edgar Allen Poe was inspired to write one of his most famous stories and stars genre fav Jeffery Combs as Poe.

August 14: Valerie on the Stairs by Mick Garris (The Stand) In Stairs, based off a Clive Barker story, a young writer enters a writers commune and begins to hear voices and sees a beautiful girl on the well as her demonic captor. Stars genre fav Tony Todd as the demon.

August 14: We All Scream For Ice Cream by Tom Holland (Child's Play) In the film, a man returns to his old town with his family. Soon his old friends begin to die off and he hears an old jingle he heard as a kid when the ice cream truck came through. His past is back with an icy, sweet revenge in mind.  Stars genre favorite William Forsythe as Buster, the killer ice cream clown.

September 18: Sounds Like by Brad Anderson (Session 9) In the film, a man is suffering from the death of his son. He works in a tech support company, listening on the conversations the helpers have with the customers...but lately, his hearing has gotten a little out of hand....  Stars Chris Bauer from The Hunley

September 18: The Washingtonians by Peter Medak (The Changling) In the film, a man and his family go to his parent's home to clean it out after his father passes away. In a torn picture of President George Washington, he finds a letter detailing cannibalistic activities and a fork made from human bone. He and his family find themselves the target of a crazed group of people, loyal Washington followers and sworn to protect the secret, at any cost.  Stars Johnathon Schaech from The Forsaken

So, looks like to be a good lineup within the next several months. I definatly enjoyed all of the films and I will say that Ice Cream and Washingtonians might be a bit out there for some folks but are a bit of fun. Fangoria also was provided with the specs for Cat, Valerie, & Sounds.

The Black Cat:

  • Audio Comentary by Stuart Gordon and Actor Jeffery Combs
  • The Tell-Tale Cat: Making of The Black Cat Featurette
  • Bringing Down The Axe Featurette
  • Photo Gallery
  • Gordon Bio
  • DVD ROM Screenplay
  • Trailers

Valerie on the Stairs:

  • Audio Commentary by Mick Garris
  • Spine Tingler: Making of Valerie on the Stairs Featurette
  • Jump To Scare: Editing Valerie Featurette
  • Photo Gallery
  • Garris Bio
  • DVD ROM Screenplay
  • Trailers

Sounds Like:

  • Audio Commentary by Brad Anderson
  • Aural Madness: Making of Sounds Like Featurette
  • A Cacophony of Sounds Like: Special FX Featurette
  • Photo Gallery
  • DVD ROM Screenplay

All the DVDs retail for $14.98. The next Masters to be released is Right To Die by Rob Schmidt (Wrong Turn).
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