Hot New RISE : Blood Hunter Pics


Our sister site MoviesOnline just got their mitts on some new very very sexy pics for the long awaited Rise: Blood Hunter. This movie seems to have sat on the shelf for WAY too long and makes me wonder why. Anyway it doesn't look to bad from what we have seen but we can all be sure when it hits theaters on June 1st. Check out the trailer over on TerrorFeed.

"Rise" is a supernatural thriller in which a reporter (Liu) wakes up in a morgue to discover she is no longer among the living. She vows revenge against the cult responsible for putting her there and hunts them down one by one. Chiklis plays 'Rawlins,' a haunted police detective whose daughter is killed by the same cult and seeks answers for her gruesome death. Click the image below for the complete gallery of pics!

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