Closet Space Kill Clip


Mel House's Closet Space looks to be a really kick ass modern take of Lovecraftian lore full of some great looking effects and some gore for the fans. We have been covering this little film for awhile now and today Dread Central managed to pick up a cliip from the film. I have to say if you haven't been interested in the film from our previous reports this clip should definetly grab your attention.

The film is about a group of students who go looking for their missing Professor. When they arrive at where he was last spotted he's not anywhere in sight. So they decide to look for him themselves by going into this mysterious portal that is located in the houses closet. Resting inside that closet are tentacled beasts that could drive you insane.

Still no word on when the film will see a release. After watching the clip above you can check out the official website or give them a holler on their Myspace page.

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