28 Weeks Later Producer Interview


The double dipping nacho eaters at MoviesOnline have posted an interview with the producer of 28 weeks later where he talks about the inspiration for 28 weeks later, the film and another sequel, potentially 28 months later. When asked about the idea behind 28 weeks later he said:

The first idea was 29 Days Later, which would have taken place right as Cillian Murphy’s character was leaving London. I think at one point it involved U.S. Marines arriving to get a hold of the virus as a kind of weapon. In that one we had a great scene at Buckingham Palace with The Queen, with her legs being dragged away from off screen and guards running all around acting crazed. But that just didn’t seem right, so we moved on.

So then we tried the idea for 28 Weeks Later, which sees London having been quarantined for six months and you’re coming in as the quarantine is being lifted and you’re coming in with someone or something that will bring it into a new country. SO we like that idea and started to run with it a bit.

Of course one of the key things in that idea was that we had to reintroduce the virus in a different way. With Alien and Aliens, which we’re sort of like in a "we’re not worthy” sort of way, you can’t have the alien be a surprise in the second film. So the infected can’t be a surprise for the same reasons and we were looking at how we were going to make that all work.

Go give the entire 28 Weeks Later Producer Interview a read!

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