More Books of Blood Films On the Way


Seraphim Pictures are busy right now gearing up Midnight Meat Train with Lionsgate but that doesn't mean they don't have an idea of whats next. Shock Til You Drop spoke with the Exectutive Producers of Meat Train, Joe Daley and Anthony DiBlasi. Daley spoke of some of the upcoming projects to the site, "We have five or six of the shorts adapted into screenplays in some form."

So what stories would those be? Right now they are ownly naming two which are The Book of Blood and Pig Blood Blues. DiBlasi is writing and directing Pig Blood Blues. Unfortunately I haven't read that story in about 6 years so I will have to reread that one to let you know some more detail about it but DiBlasi gives some nice insight into the story.

"I love stories about outsiders and those kids at this juvenile detention center were certainly outsiders. It has this amazing 'Lord of the Flies' element with all these boys trapped together and this evil entity is stuck in there with them. Where the short story just touches on the supernatural element, I focused a lot on making it a ghost story. But keeping the pig, of course."

So while we are waiting to hear more on this project lets hope that Midinight Meat Train is a hit. Its a great story so I am hoping they pull this one off. Keep it here for more on this project and much more.

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