New Gorey Images from Edges of Darkness


Today I opened up my mail box and inside I had recieved a nice little message from Jason Horton director of Edges of Darkness. It appears that some of us fans have been pushing the zombie vs vampire angle a bit too far. Here is what he had to say regarding that element of the story.

"A lot of people have getting pumped on the vampire v.s zombies angle. And while it is the catalyst that gets our vampire story going, it's not exactly the heart and sole of that story. The story is really more about the vampire couple and how they cope with the situation than an all out zombie vs vampire slug fest. Also, the vampires in the movie are definately not the traditional fanged, burning in sunlight types."

We are going to be following this one very closely. Below you can check out some great and gory images he sent us from some pick ups they did last week. For more you can check out his Myspace page for a new and improved trailer.

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