Hellraiser Remake Still A Go


Not long ago we recieved word straight from Variety that indeed a Hellraiser remake was underway. Of any film to be remade you would think that Hellraiser would be the one that would be near impossible to remake. That is, if Clive Barker wasn't on board. In fact Clive is on board, so everything seemed to be kosher.. for a remake.

Since then it has been quite some time and no word has come from the project. Assuming the project was dead in the water Shock Til You Drop asked the producers on Midnight Meat Train about the work being done. It appears that Barker has turned in a 40 page treatment just to get the ball rolling.

The treatment he turned in has since been signed off on by Miramax. Revelations spoke with Barker about his work on this treatment, "They have it in their hands and they like it, and they want a bit more 'Hellraiser' mythology, which is music to my ears - it’s the first time I’ve ever heard that request! You know, where do I sign? But they’ve already signed so that's fine..."

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